Dotty's Cupcakes - creating personalized flavors and designs

I am willing to work with you to attempt any flavors you'd like to explore.  The following flavors are already part of my repertoire:

vanilla bean
peanut butter cup
lemon cream
orange date
spiced chai
red velvet 
fall harvest pumpkin
strawberries and cream
cookies and creme
chocolate covered banana
bacon and chocolate
lemon meringue
chocolate covered strawberry
black forest
chocolate fudge
key lime
devil's food
chocolate stout
pumpkin mud-slide
mint cookie
gelatin poke 

Please see the "Photos" page to see some of the flavors.
Remember, flavors really depend on YOU.  Unlike other big-name bakeries, my goal is to make every order and experience unique for you.  

Please note:  flavors typically turn out best with a dozen or more cupcakes.  I can attempt to do smaller batches, but will not guarantee that it will be the best flavor you could have.  If you have a special-order flavor you'd like, please consider ordering one dozen or more.